Bryce Sorensen



Bryce Sorensen is a musician, music producer, sound designer, and graduate of the esteemed music production school Icon Collective in Los Angeles. Graduating at the top of his class at Icon, Bryce then began ghost writing for numerous artists creating hundreds of tracks in various genres over the span of a few years.

Bryce then translated the skills developed from working in the ghost production business to radio. He delivers expertly crafted sound design, musicality, and effectiveness to every aspect of having a world class radio show. As a Producer at NoiseHouse, Bryce garnered praise from some of the top producers in electronic music. Bryce provides creative vision, forward thinking ideas, techniques and sound to the world’s biggest dance music radio shows.

In addition to radio show production, Bryce also leads his music project “SOREN”. In 2020, SOREN released on some of the biggest American hard dance labels including Basscon Records (Insomniac) and Welcome Records, Kayzo’s record label. SOREN performed at some of the largest hard dance events in the United States and caught the ears of some of the most influential hard dance artists and producers in the scene. SOREN also hosts North America’s biggest hard dance radio show “Basscon Radio” which airs monthly on Insomniac Radio.