Frequency: Weekly

Length: 1 hour

Dive into the vibrant world of sound with Rhythm Prism, the dynamic weekly radio show from Berlin’s renowned house music duo, AKA AKA. Established in 2009, AKA AKA has captivated the electronic music scene, accruing over 200 million streams and cultivating a global following of more than 600,000 across various platforms.

Rhythm Prism, a brainchild of their trailblazing label WHATS POPPIN, showcases a broad spectrum of beats and rhythms, solidifying AKA AKA’s significant influence on the industry. Tune in and let them guide you through a musical kaleidoscope where each beat adds a unique hue to the vibrant palette. Rhythm Prism is more than a show —it’s an entrancing experience designed to stoke your enthusiasm for house music in all its facets. Experience the magic—immerse yourself in the rhythm!

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